What are your fetishes?

In this world, no matter how open we become; there are always those who feel they have to hide certain things about their personality, sexual orientation, proclivities, etc. Some of us may have even vanilla attributes that they keep hidden. There’s nothing wrong with you. I have my fetishes too. Being a domme, I’ve been able to explore so much. Being able to learn what is unhealthy- the difference between a paraphilia and a fetish. I have my own fetishes obviously and feel no shame about them. Through sessioning with different people you find that people have a great deal to share and need an outlet. I find it an honor in my work to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. My point is we all have our oddities, suppressing them is the most unhealthy thing. Find you and find your outlet. Go forth my friends-


One thought on “What are your fetishes?

  1. Well said, thank You, Mistress Cadence. Kinksters masquerading as vanillas everywhere, it’s easier to hide or deny the stuffs we love & need… i’m like lots of my fellow boys & gurls that way.

    Thank You for opening the doors we keep closed & locked 🙂

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