January Seraph

Recently we all lost a light and friend in this world. I’ve been going through all those stages of grief as we all have. The thoughts of sadness and anger; just loss. We all had different experiences with her. She brought light, strength, love and guidance in my life when I didn’t know fully who I was. She was like a mythical creature, wise beyond her years and such a generous heart. I don’t tend to deal with emotional losses well. Try to repress things, which isn’t the healthiest thing. To my friends who are going through this loss, I’m here for you. I’m just a call away.

There is a go fund me here for one of Januarys memorials, if you’d like to contribute. Close friends will know the location of the memorial. Let’s celebrate her lasting impression on us all because we know what how she made all our lives better just by being in them.

I love you, January


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