What I offer through my site

  1. custom videos to your parameters.
  2. you can book sessions through my contact
  3. Modeling inquiries
  4. Domme shoots
  5. Skype sessions- you send a fee and I’ll give you my handle

More to come as time goes on. All live sessions are in down town Los Angeles. I will however be traveling, so let me know if you’re interested in sessions in other areas, feel free to contact me.


What are your fetishes?

In this world, no matter how open we become; there are always those who feel they have to hide certain things about their personality, sexual orientation, proclivities, etc. Some of us may have even vanilla attributes that they keep hidden. There’s nothing wrong with you. I have my fetishes too. Being a domme, I’ve been able to explore so much. Being able to learn what is unhealthy- the difference between a paraphilia and a fetish. I have my own fetishes obviously and feel no shame about them. Through sessioning with different people you find that people have a great deal to share and need an outlet. I find it an honor in my work to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. My point is we all have our oddities, suppressing them is the most unhealthy thing. Find you and find your outlet. Go forth my friends-

Want to play?


Here’s your chance-

NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR THE August 18th, 2017   One Year Anniversary Party 

Call 213-500-3195 to reserve your spot! Or email dommecollective@gmail.com


Matinee party time: 3pm-7pm (what better way to avoid Rush Hour??)
Please note: You must arrive between 3 and 3:30, doors are sealed at 3:30.

Location: Ivy Manor Studios in Downtown LA

UPDATED Admission: $260  pre-pay via paypal or credit card over the phone up to one hour before the party


$300 at the door.

Food: Drinks available and light snacks.

January Seraph

Recently we all lost a light and friend in this world. I’ve been going through all those stages of grief as we all have. The thoughts of sadness and anger; just loss. We all had different experiences with her. She brought light, strength, love and guidance in my life when I didn’t know fully who I was. She was like a mythical creature, wise beyond her years and such a generous heart. I don’t tend to deal with emotional losses well. Try to repress things, which isn’t the healthiest thing. To my friends who are going through this loss, I’m here for you. I’m just a call away.

There is a go fund me here for one of Januarys memorials, if you’d like to contribute. Close friends will know the location of the memorial. Let’s celebrate her lasting impression on us all because we know what how she made all our lives better just by being in them.

I love you, January

Hello There-

Introducing and reintroducing myself to you. How have you been? After a hiatus, here is my new blog. You can find out how to serve me and where to find me on the nets. So, feel free to navigate around and have fun. I know I am…